Friday, 24 August 2012

Maryland Playground Committee Needed

Good day Dentonia Park Community!

Well our Summer holidays may be coming to an end but our fun will keep on going with the eagerly anticipated revitalization of our very own Maryland Park playground. A big thank you to all of our neighbours for their thoughtful and creative comments and suggestions for this new playground.

So what does our community want from this playground? Well the buzz is all about imaginative play, inter-generational play and natural play all in a very unique setting. We expected nothing less from a neighbourhood expressing the very same attributes. No, a cookie-cutter playground won't do here and let's make sure we incorporate sun shade.

If we want to realize our playground ambitions we need to organize our creative ideas for the impending community consultation meeting with our City Councillor. So here's calling on all volunteers to form a committee for the Playground Revitalization of Maryland Park (PROMP). As an added bonus for volunteering you will get an opportunity to choose a better name for this committee!

Have a great weekend Dentonia Park Community and as always we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send us a note at

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