Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Maryland Park Playground Revitalization

Good day Dentonia Park Community and good work neighbours! Our voices have been heard and it looks like our little playground in Maryland Park will be getting a complete overhaul in the near future. Councillor Davis has kindly sent a note to our little blog to tell us about the newly secured funds for this playground's replacement. On July 31st, Councillor Davis wrote:

Hi Dentonia Park People,
I'm happy to let you know that I was able to get a playground replacement allocation in the City parks budget for 2013/14.  We will have a community consultation about the improvements you'd like to see.  I look forward to meeting with you to talk about the playground and how we can animate our wonderful green spaces.  Thanks again!


Councillor Janet Davis
Ward 31, Beaches-East York
Office:  416-392-4035
Twitter @Janet_Davis

Wonderful news for our much loved playground - thanks, Janet!

Okay Dentonia Park Community, let's talk playground ideas..... As always, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send us a note at dentoniaparkcommunity@gmail.com

Have a great week.


  1. This is very good news indeed! We have been waiting for this for over 12 years (the last time I can remember the structure being painted!).
    Swings and slides are a must as they are an "all ages" structures. A big cable climbing structure, such as an elevated web would be great. Check out the one in the new Underpass Park to see what I mean. If you've been to Cherry Beach Sports Field playground (on Unwin drive) they have a fantastic pirate-themed fully accessible playground that I covet for Maryland. It has room to climb, run, and play make-beleive all in a safe structure. I'll take pictures next time I go so that I may have them for the community meeting. These are exciting times!

  2. Great news! I agree with Mireille about the awesomeness of that pirate park near Cherry Beach. For us, the main thing (besides all ages) is that the playground not be another cookie cutter plastic eyesore with limited use and requiring little imagination. Open ended play with natural materials would be great. The playscapes on the following blog always inspire me:
    tara and JP

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