Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dentonia Park United Church Redevelopment Update

Good day Dentonia Park Community. Last night the developers of 107 Dawes Road and 34 Maryland Blvd., the former site of the Dentonia Park United Church, held a community consultation session to discuss their proposal for the redevelopment of the land occupied by the Church. We had a great community turn-out, including Councillor Davis. As promised for those that could not make it, here is a brief outline of the proposed redevelopment:

Weston Consulting Group Inc., on behalf of their client Aspen Way Developments Ltd., presented a proposal to erect 9 detached, single-family homes on the current site of the Church. The proposal calls for the homes to be approximately 2400 - 2800 square feet, two and half - three stories, each occupying a lot frontage (facing North onto Dentonia Park Ave.) of 7.4 metres with an integrated, street-level garage and drive in the front of the properties, allowing for two car parking.

Naturally, our neighbours had lots of questions and concerns regarding the proposed infill development. Some of these issues included the proposed height of the new homes, parking disruptions, the integration of the new architecture into our neighbourhood, and the preservation of the beautiful mature trees on the subject land.

The developers and consultants have yet to formally submit their proposal to the city and the information provided at last night's meeting served to garner community insight. Councillor Davis will be in contact with the developers as the plans progress and will distribute information to the community as it becomes available.

For more information about this proposal to redevelop the Church lands you can contact our City Councillor, Janet Davis at or Ryan Guetter from Weston Consulting Group at

Have a great day Dentonia Park Community and as always, we would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment or sent us a note at

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